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The 1st Anniversary Celebration of Great Tao E-commerce Witnessed the Feedback of $30 Million Orders and 0.05 Million Containers

Great Tao E-commerce has passes through the first anniversary from December 22nd, 2015 to December 22nd, 2016. In order to celebrate our birthday, we held eGTCP Press Conference & The 1st Anniversary Celebration of Great Tao E-commerce on December 22nd, 2016. Let’s attend the activity and let the celebration witness our gratitude and feedback to new and old clients of eGTCP.

Within a year, Great Tao E-commerce developed 23 training activities and 5 multinational purchasing match meetings, including CICGF and Global Trade & Credit Conference etc. The trading volume for global suppliers exceeded $0.36 billion and reward for them totaled ¥5.2 million. Among them, one clothing supplier harvested 5 new clients within one year on eGTCP, so it was particularly grateful to eGTCP at the anniversary ceremony. Great Tao E-commerce gave back to and thanked suppliers at the anniversary ceremony. At the meanwhile, CHEN Zhen, the manager of marketing operation department of Great Tao E-commerce, started his speech at the beginning. He not only introduced eGTCP and its service advantages solemnly, but also interpreted some benefits from the platform, like orders and reward etc..

CHENG Cheng, the manager of marketing operation department of Great Tao Group, initiated $30 million pre-orders of 2017 on site. So it aroused strong reactions from on-site suppliers. In 2017, eGTCP want to tell suppliers that we will attract overseas buyers for credit suppliers to create more orders, through GTCP Card and overseas offices. 

On December 22nd, 2015, our Great Tao E-commerce signed formally with service partners, and then co-built global trade integrity ecosystem.

On December 22nd, 2016, we held commendation meeting & awarding ceremony for the most credit partners. These credit partners not only were trustworthy and professional, but also had first-rate services. In order to appreciate partners, WANG Wei, the manager of service department of eGTCP, interpreted the recruitment activity for credit partners and presented the market plan about 0.05 Million Containers in 2017.

In 2017, eGTCP would like to tell partners, “We will accumulate more buyer and supplier resources home and abroad. Credit partners only need to offer services. At last, let’s make easy money!”

EGTCP will welcome more partners in 2017! We hope that everyone will co-build global trade integrity ecosystem for realizing altruism, enablement and co-win. We are looking forward to meet you on December 22nd, 2017!